Justin plays the keyboards for the band, and also runs the Sound. He is a busy guy.

Justin has been playing piano since he was around 4. He once took formal classes up in East Memphis, but one day he brought the piano book to Disney's 'Tarzan' and wanted her to teach him how to play it.

In her thick Russian accent, Mrs. Alla said 'Young Man, you must learn to walk before you can fly.'

Well, Justin didn't listen well then, but he's doing pretty well anyway.

Justin is homeschooled and thinks there's no better type school. You don't have to get up until it's time to BE at school.
He sings at his church with the children's choir.

He stays in the back row, nobody knows why. He probably has a good singing voice but won't let any of us hear it.

He enjoys soccer and video games. He's currently trying to beat Metroid Prime 2.

Justin loves Astronomy, Science and reading. He can make anything at all given enough time and a Dremel.

When he grows up he wants to be an Astronaut. Or maybe a Game Designer that makes Space Simulators.