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The contents of The Website (Pictures, Text, Music, Audio Files, even Java Code) are protected by U.S. and International Copyright Law. You may not reproduce, distribute, download, publish on a website, or perform any of the material contained on the website without written permission from Buried Talents Band or one of its members (except as provided below).

The pictures on this website, for the most part, are copyright 2006 - 2007 by Laura Solaas. You aren't given permission to use them on your own website.

ALL of the music on this website has been officially copyrighted at the US Copyright office in 2006 or later.

If any material on this website is copyrighted by another author, I certainly need to know. Please give (in writing) a specific reference to the item in question, identifying it by name, description, page it is located on, and approximate location on the page. Also Identify yourself by name, address, and phone number, as the alleged author of the material.

At present, you can send this notification in writing to my email address:

If I find that the material is indeed your material, and not mine, I'll certainly either take it down, or, at your discretion, give proper credit to you for your material.

Limited Use
You may listen to the tracks provided on this site, available in Windows Media format generally, whenever you visit this site. You may download these samples to your computer to play them on your computer whenever you wish, as long as they are not for public performance. You may not in any case burn copies to distribute to friends.
You may download PDF files of the lyrics, complete with guitar chord charts, to learn to play these songs or to play for a small circle of friends if you wish. You may not play these songs in a group setting normally controlled by the laws concerning public performances (including public performances for free) without permission or notification to ASCAP and/or Buried Talents Band.
You may not re-perform or 'cover' these songs on an album of your own (honestly, I'd be flattered and honored) without proper royalties compensation as governed by ASCAP and the Harry Fox Corporation.

The logos on this site are Trademarked. Please do not use them without the written consent of Buried Talents Band.

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You have our permission to link to the main Home Webpage of this website from your site using either a hyperlink or our logo, which you may get HERE. You may not link directly to content on this website without prior written permission from us, nor, of course, may you copy the material found here and publish it on your own website.

We reserve the right to revoke this linking privelege at any time, if by linking to us you are misrepresenting our message or by linking you are deemed to associate our group with a theology, mindset, lifestyle, or message that is not shared by our group.

Links to Third Party Sites
On our links page and in other areas on this site we have created links to third parties not associated with this band. This must not be considered an endorsement of those sites, their operators, messages, or materials. This group shall not be liable, either directly or indirectly, for any damages or loss due to the content, products, or services obtained on or through those sites.

The message this group and this site is intending to convey is a clear and accurate bible-based Christian message of Love and Forgiveness, as well as of Judgement of Sin and the Deity of Christ. All content on this site should be in keeping with this message. If you find content on this site that seems to be inappropriate to that message, let us know via email. We will, at our discretion and in our own availability, review and/or take down the material.

The gospel message can be offensive to some, in fact to many. It's tough to admit that we can't do this on our own, that we need God's help. I understand, having been there. However, that gives you the right to either open yourself up to the possibility that this message is accurate (it's based on the bible) and read the gospel message on our site, or click away from this site.

Some of the music on this site may not agree with your tastes, we play a variety of styles, some a little more 'rock' than folk. Enjoy what you like. Hope the messages speak to your heart.
SOME of the messages may seem to punch a little harder in our blind spots. Hope they don't hurt too much, we all have those blind spots somewhere, each person is made differently, to the Glory of God and for His purpose. Some songs may mention subjects we tend to shy away from. The intent here is not to offend.

The contents and information and services available on this site are on an 'AS IS' basis, without any warranties, express or implied. In no event shall the members of this band be liable for any damages for interruption of service, implied merchantability, or sour notes. Or for that matter anything at all. Please go sue somebody else. Or don't, Paul the Apostle said that wasn't the Christian way. Anyway, in no case shall the band or its members be liable for any amount over $100. We really just don't have the money anyway.

This website may, at our discretion, post pictures taken at events, or Guestbook entries, Forum posts, comments sent in via email, etc. Your attendance at these events, postings of this material, etc, signifies permission, at our discretion, to post that material on our website.

In no event (except by accident) shall we post last names (other than of band members, pastors, public figures, and such). We reserve the right to edit and filter posts to ensure that they maintain privacy, do not contain profanity, hate-filled or personal attacks, and to ensure that the safe and relatively family-friendly environment of our site is maintained.

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