Broken Pieces

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The title track of this album is intended as a self-portrait. I believe that at times, all of us must come to grips with the fact that He is the potter, and we are merely the clay.

While we are cast out by this world and considered useless, God has great plans for us, but we must be yielded, softened, molded, and taken through the fire.

The song 'Broken Pieces' can be used as a song of self-dedication also, a song of yieldedness to His holy Purpose.

Broken Pieces 4:59
Adoption Day 4:57
In The Garden 3:46
I Wonder Who the Father Is 5:02
Who Is Like the Lord Most High 2:09
Praise the Lord 5:04
Psalm 136 4:07
Revolution Day 3:57
Share Your Lunch With the Lord 2:51
The Time is Now 4:05
The Wanderer 3:53
We Give Thanks 4:08
Who Can Tell 3:08
Look to the East
TOTAL: 47:52

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