Come And See

Copyright 2006.

Just like Phillip invited Nathaniel to Come and See what this Carpenter's Son was all about, we're inviting You to come and see what this Jesus is all about.

Come And See 04:29Copyright 2006
Trust God 03:16Copyright 2002
Destiny 03:32Copyright 1985
Just Believe 03:08Copyright 2006
Just For Today 03:00Copyright 2002
Life On Planet Earth 04:51Copyright 2006
A Mighty Arm 05:39Copyright 1998
Welcome Home 06:39Copyright 2005
I Will Meet You 04:10Copyright 2006
Who In The World 04:19Copyright 1989
Take A Look 05:32Copyright 2006
I Will Follow Your Lead 05:12Copyright 2006
The Thirteenth Track 05:02Copyright 2006
TOTAL: 47:52

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