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Well, I've been kicking around for over 40 years now and decided (probably due to one of those 'mid-life crises' that it was time to do SOMETHING with the musical talents that God has given me.

You can blame my brother Joe for some of this - He's the first one that picked up the guitar, and learned to play mostly on an electric. Grew his hair long. It was a '60's thing'.

Well, as you can see from his picture on the previous page, Joe didn't keep the long hair (the ARMY had something to do with that) but the guitar stuck.

Next thing ya know, my brother Steve decided he had to learn to play also. And me, the 'also ran', had to follow suit.

Of course, being a 'lefty', that made life interesting. I learned to turn their guitars upside down to play. Over the summer between my 8th and 9th grade, I learned to play guitar passably well.

And during that summer, my brother Steve gave me (bet he didn't think I'd remember) a Sears guitar for my birthday!
I remember that he wrapped up a capo for me, and when I opened the little box, I was just confused why i had a capo and no guitar. Guessed in that moment that Steve didn't want me 'losing his capo'.
Then he came out of the back room with the guitar and I was just floored!

That old guitar saw a lot of use in the next 6 years. I wrote my first 30 or so songs on that guitar. I'll link here to some .wma copies of some of these early songs. (Once I have them 'officially' copyrighted.)

The reason I decided to call this band 'Buried Talents' is that I wrote many of these songs more than 25 years ago, and never used the talents God gave me for any good whatsoever, other than mooning about like a teenager (didn't we all?) and feeling melancholy.

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