What's in a Name??

About June of 2006, our new pastor Tim gave a message on the Talents mentioned in Matthew 25.
I had heard a similar message years before from our pastor at that time, Brother Bobby Moore (See "A Reward")...

Tim mentioned the fact that we tend to waste and bury our talents away when God wants us to invest them.
At that point, God spoke (not audibly, but forcefully enough).

'That's YOU. You buried the talent I gave you.'

I've been writing songs since the 9th grade. Since 1990 the songs I've written were strictly Christian in nature.
But no one except my family had heard them.

I KNEW what God was talking about. The talent he was mentioning in my heart was 'Songwriting'. I had buried it away, and all but quit the writing because I was afraid of God - yes, afraid - of the pride I might have, afraid of what success or failure might do to me.

So I decided that God could have what there was of my songwriting ability, and do with it whatever He wished, in His sovereign will.

Up to that point, I had written about 5 CDs worth of worthless angst, 1 Cd of nice-sounding but rather depressing songs, and about 5 Christian songs.

Immediately upon making that decision, though, God has given me on average about 1 song every week or two.

So far, I have 3 Christian Cds and am beginning work on writing a fourth one.

As you can tell from this website, I only have 1 album ready for release (and it's not quite there YET!) but it will be released in time for the Christmas rush at around Thanksgiving.

I have 2 additional albums that will be released sometime in 2007. They've already been written, just need to lay down some professional tracks and get them ready.

I may, if God allows, release some of the better earlier stuff I've written (stuff from 1978 - 1985).

BUT, as you can see, I no longer wish to keep this talent buried where it does NO good whatsoever, but instead INVEST these messages in YOUR life, to assist God in working on your heart.

Hopefully, these messages will give you strength for the journey, hope for the future, compassion for your fellow man, and perhaps a better understanding of who God is.

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