Here you will find some of the links that interest us. I'll try to organize them by function.

Some of these links map to software or websites we use in the band or in our outside interests. We aren't recommending the products or services offered on those sites (for pay, anyway) and we can't guarantee the content or merchantability of the stuff on those sites.

Musical Instruments Stores

Zzounds Online Music Store
Musicians' Friend
Same Day Music

Music Editing Software

Midisoft MIDI Sheet Music Software
- Prints sheet music, captures MIDI data input directly from a MIDI keyboard.
MAGIX Music Editing Software
- All songs on our albums were recorded using this software.

Music Publishing Websites

US Copyright Website
- Before you publish your music, you better get it copyrighted. Here's the place to do it.
- You will probably need to use the Performing Arts form PA.
- When your Music is published, you'll need to use the Sound Recording Form SR.
DiscMakers Music
- These guys can really help you put together a professional CD, and mass produce it.
DiscMakers Quick Quote
- If you need to produce shorter runs of CDs, or full color, this quick quote package will help you find an affordable solution.
DiscMakers Quick Quote
- If you need to produce shorter runs of CDs, or full color, this quick quote package will help you find an affordable solution.

Indie Music Websites

Independent Bands
- Contemporary Christian Independent and Record Label Music
- These folks sell quite a bit of Contemporary Christian Indie Music.
Indie Heaven
- A Community of Contemporary Christian Independent Artists
- Has a Top100 'Radio Station' Countdown and lots of good stuff for Independent Artists.
CD Baby
- Independent Artists Music Site
- Music for sale by thousands of Secular and Christian Independent Artists.

Advice Websites for Independent Artists

Audio Recording Tips and Tricks
- Silver Dragon Records gives advice on how to get a good recording using minimal investment.
The Business of a Band
- advice from REI on how to set up a Band as a Business (And why its a good idea)

Resource Websites for Independent Artists

Blank Sheet Music from Vision Music
- Blank sheet music (Bass TAB, Guitar TAB, Guitar Chord Charts, Piano and Lead sheet music.
Finale Sheet Music Editor
- Finale is the home of Finale Notepad, a Freeware Sheet Music editor/printer. Notes play as MIDI.
- Finale has low-cost packages that allow MIDI input from a Keyboard, export to MIDI, etc.

Outside Interests

Awana Clubs International
- Awana Clubs are a good Kids Ministry for Christian Churches. Chris is Commander of the club at Broadway Baptist Church.
Habitat For Humanity
- Habitat For Humanity helps provide good quality low-cost housing for families around the world. Steve has participated in several HFH Builders Blitzes.
Memphis Catholic Charismatic Renewal
- Joe has been heavily involved in the Charismatic Renewal movement in the Catholic Church in Memphis. He has played in several bands within this movement.

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