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I am running the 'Couch to 5K' program to get fit, and have created a set of MP3s to use in it. These tracks feature around 40 Christian Indie artists like us, and can get you working on the C25K right away. 9 weeks and you could be running a 5K too!

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Buried Talents Band - Painted On Smiles
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Meet The Band

Three Brothers, all Eagle Scouts, started this band off back in July 2006 After Chris got told off by God for burying his talents in the back yard.

Our Dad was a driving force in getting all three of us to the rank of Eagle Scout. Click HERE to learn a good bit more about one of my heroes.

Joe and Steve were tickled to make this thing happen, and we've doubled in size since then, as you can see below.

Here you'll be exposed to some bio warfare.
Scroll down to get a little bio on each of us.
Click on our pictures to get a little more information on each of us.

Chris Solaas Occupation Computer Programmer/Analyst
Band Participation Songwriter, guitars, synthesizer, producer, vocals
Hobbies songwriting, guitars, video games, tennis, raquetball
Ministries Awana Commander, Boy Scouts, Sunday School Teacher

Joe Solaas Occupation Network Administrator
Band Participation Songwriter, guitars, vocals, background vocals, bass, drums
Hobbies songwriting, guitars, tennis, running
Ministries Band leader, cantor for local churches

Steve Solaas Occupation Computer Communications Manager
Band Participation Songwriter, guitars, synthesizer, vocals
Hobbies guitars, video games, tennis, computer repair
Ministries Sunday School Teacher, Church Data Communications, Church Repairs, Habitat For Humanity

Sheila Zachary Occupation Clinical Lab Technician
Band Participation Vocals, Background vocals, fan club, support
Hobbies Shopping, Pageants, Organizing, Parties
Ministries Cantor for Local Catholic Church

Al English Occupation Missionary
Band Participation Bass, Vocals, Background vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Congos
Hobbies Guitar, Softball
Ministries Youth Band, Worship Leader, Childrens Ministry, Choir

Austin! Occupation Band Member
Band Participation Drums, Vocals, Background vocals, Cowbell
Hobbies archery, basketball, boating, fishing, golf, paintball, tennis, and weight lifting, astronomy, computers, music, science, and traveling.
Ministries Youth Band, School Band, Youth Choir, Missions

Justin! Occupation Band Member
Band Participation Keyboards, Sound, Setup
Hobbies science, skateboarding, tennis, video games, astronomy, computers.
Ministries Children's Choir, Missions

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